Stop Eviction Consultants

633 S Brea Blvd.
Brea, CA 92821
Office: (714) 400 4214
Fax: (714) 475-6995

License #030857

Stop Eviction Consultants – Services Contract


1. You should read and understand this entire contract before you sign it
2. Stop Eviction Consultants is a Licensed Unlawful Detainer Assistant. I am not an attorney. I cannot give you legal advice or engage in the practice of law.
3. By retaining these services, client gives limited power of attorney, solely for the purpose of signing any court documents contracted to prepare and file in court. This P.O.A. ends when last document is filed.
4. Time frames are guaranteed withing (10) business days. Client understands that time frames are set by guidelines of the court and are a matter of law.
5. Client agrees to submit any and all documents that receive concerning this case. Stop Eviction Consultants is not liable if time is lost due to clients own negligence.
6. Bankrupcty Fees will not exceed any other charges. Fees apply to courier/misc. services only, all signatures are “one signature” fees only.
7. To request a refund, please follow the steps as outlined below. There will be a minimum $200.00 non-refundable fee-(Now-$100-non-refundable) for any signed contract, with no exceptions! Any request for a refund after 24 hours of signing contract will be voided.

PLAN 2: (Up to 2 months eviction stoppage) – Special Discount -$299.99 (Now-$185)+ court costs

PLAN 3: (2 to 2.5 months eviction stoppage) Special Discount -$399.99-(Now-$250) + court costs

Fee-Waiver – (for those that qualify)


To cancel or request a refund, you must:

  • Submit a “written” cancellation/refund request to the address stated above.
  • Any refunds must meet these guidelines and will be determined at owner’s discretion on a case by case bases. All refunds must be requested within 24 hours from date of contract.
  • Acceptance of any monies constitutes agreement to close a case file, and releases Stop Eviction Consultants from any further liability. There will be absolutely no refunds granted if any documents have been prepared for your case.