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How can I get an eviction off my record?

Going through an eviction can be very stressful, and it has implications for your future rental process and your credit report. Since evictions are held on public record, it can be difficult to find a new home since the landlords have access to your rental history, and the best thing would be to look into how to avoid eviction altogether. However, following the right steps can help you get an eviction off your record.

1. Settle your rental debts

Settling debt immediately is the first step to getting rid of the eviction from your records. You can try and negotiate with your landlord for a payment plan if you cannot pay the entire amount. If your landlord agrees, make sure you have a written agreement regarding this.

2. Request the eviction to be removed from tenant screening records

Once you settle your debt, you can ask your landlord or property manager to clear your rental history to be removed from tenant screening records. As these are available to all landlords and property owners and most of them would not take on a tenant who has an eviction on record. Make sure that the request and agreement are in writing in case of disputes.

3. Request Removal of Collection Activity

The eviction may still show on your credit report even after you paid your outstanding rent and settled your debt. Make sure you request the collection agency or your landlord to remove the eviction from the credit report- this will also improve your credit score and help you rent a new apartment faster.

4. Filing a formal dispute

If the eviction is still showing on your record even after requesting it to be removed from tenant screening and your credit report, you should file a formal dispute. Make sure you have proof of the above agreements, as these are needed to settle the disputes.


If you were wondering how to stop an eviction notice or if you can get one off your records, this is possible, just as shown above. However, it can be a long and stressful process and if you are renting in the US, the legislation depends on the state you live in. If you need help in how to stop an eviction in California, our expert team is here to help and guide you through the process. Call us today for more advice and information!