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How to Stop an Eviction Without Hiring a Lawyer

When faced with eviction, it’s only normal to be panicked. For most people, knowing how to stop an eviction is not common knowledge. However, stopping an eviction without hiring a lawyer is possible in California. At Stop Eviction Consultants, we provide assistance and education for those facing eviction. Below, learn more about how you can stop your eviction without having to hire an expensive lawyer.

Addressing the Case

We can help you avoid your case going to trial. To do this, you must respond quickly once you’re served with an unlawful detainer document. Once you receive this document, you have five days to file a written response to the court. Our legal experts can help you write this up and answer questions you have throughout the process.

Our Stop Eviction Consultants approach involves helping you file motions and answers in response to the unlawful detainer summons you receive. We know how to stop an eviction quickly and advocate for our client’s rights. In some cases, tenants and landlords can come to an agreement before the case continues through the court process. For tenants, failure to respond is one of the worst things you can do.

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Knowing Your Rights

When faced with eviction notices, many tenants do not know how to proceed, which can cause much stress. That’s where we come in, helping to ensure you know your rights and the options available to you. We understand how stressful and worrisome facing an eviction notice can be, and we’re here to help. Our legal experts can also help you review your lease agreement, helping to find potential ways out of the notice.

Many landlords may take advantage of tenants, knowing that most tenants do not know their legal rights or how to stop an eviction. For this reason, customers trust us for our knowledge and expertise of California’s eviction rights. Don’t let your landlord take advantage of you! Contact us right away to get moving on stopping your eviction without hiring a lawyer. We recommend you do not delay, as time is of the essence when it comes to stopping eviction cases.