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Illegal Eviction in Los Angeles

Facing Illegal Eviction in Los Angeles? We Can Stop It

Eviction Moratorium in Los Angeles

At Stop Eviction Consultants, we’ve helped thousands of California residents like you in the Los Angeles area stop illegal eviction. Facing illegal eviction in Los Angeles can be a daunting situation, but we’re here to help. If your landlord serves you with a termination notice, there are several rules they must follow by law. 

However, some landlords may utilize illegal tactics to try to evict you – but we won’t let that happen. Learn more below about how we can help you if you’re facing illegal eviction in Los Angeles.

Illegal Eviction Los Angeles Tactics

An illegal eviction may include a landlord trying to remove a lawful tenant without going through the proper California court process. A landlord may use one (or more) tactics to try to trick tenants. For example, some landlords might try to physically remove a tenant or a tenant’s belongings or try to change the locks of an apartment without the tenant knowing.

Some landlords get especially creative with illegal eviction tactics in LA too. This could include physically obstructing the path up to an apartment or unit or blocking access. In some cases, landlords might also attempt to shut off utilities to the apartment or come up with other creative ways to try to get a tenant to vacate the space.

If you’re facing illegal eviction in Los Angeles, know that we can help. Tenants facing harassment (verbal or physical) from landlords have rights. Stop Eviction Consultants is here to help.

We Advocate for You

At Stop Eviction Consultants, it is our goal to advocate for tenants just like you. We take pride in being your dedicated ally throughout the process and will fiercely defend your rights. Our knowledge of California law and processes makes us the best choice to help stand up for your rights. Furthermore, our experienced team of attorneys are experts in eviction defense cases, which will help ensure you have the best possible outcomes in your illegal eviction case.

Want to learn more? Let us help assist you and answer any questions you may have about the process. Contact Stop Eviction Consultants today at 909-243-1303 or contact us online to get started.