California is in the middle of an eviction crisis. The situation is so dire for millions across the state that there has even been recent legislation put on the state ballot to try to give more power back to tenants. Many states have policies that greatly favor landlords over tenants. However, it’s important to know your rights and what you can do to delay or block an eviction in California when you’re served with an eviction notice.

In California, landlords must follow certain protocols and prove that tenants have failed to meet certain requirements before moving forward with the eviction. Currently, while Californians cannot file a countersuit to the landlord’s case, there are other legal actions tenants can take depending on their legal and housing situations.

First and foremost, tenants facing eviction need to work with the right experts who can help protect them and walk them through their options. Stop Eviction Consultants’ skilled and caring professionals have the industry experience and knowledge to help you delay or block an eviction. We work on your behalf so you understand your options and will help you navigate this stressful and scary situation.

Tenants facing eviction must also be sure they respond to any eviction notices immediately. Not doing so can result in further negative marks and actions against you. Stop Eviction Consultants can help you respond to a notice and plan for next steps, which may include the following:

  • Attempting to delay the eviction: If you believe that you have improperly been served an eviction notice, you can file a motion with local courts to stop or delay the process. If the court rules in your favor, you will buy time as the landlord has to refile their notices.
  • Filing a demurrer: If you can make a case that your landlord doesn’t have grounds to evict you, you may be able to buy some time to fight the notice in court or buy more time to meet the requirements your landlord has set forth in the eviction notice.
  • Filing a defense to claims: Once you have been served with a notice, you respond to the claim with an Answer-Unlawful Detainer form, which will buy you valuable time.

Petitioning special circumstances: You may have special circumstances that the court would consider that may give you additional legal rights. Stop Eviction Consultants’ expert team will give you valuable assistance in determining your legal rights as a tenant.

When you’ve been served with an eviction notice, don’t delay. Get the expert advice you need to help you navigate this stressful situation. Stop Eviction Consultants are here to help tenants exercise their rights and stay in their homes or buy them time for a more favorable outcome.