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At Stop Eviction Consultants, we serve all of San Bernardino County. We are here to help you with your eviction and inform you of your rights as a tenant. We can help in filing a written response to an eviction notice, as well as set trial dates to block your eviction. If you have received an eviction notice, call us right away! If a motion is not filed or answered within 5 days, a default judgment will be entered against you and you will receive a lockout notice within a week. Our goal is to stop this from happening, so that you will have time to save up money and relocate to a new home in San Bernardino County.

Here at Stop Eviction Consultants, we are also able to help with evictions given after a foreclosure sale. As the former tenant of your home, you have rights! And we can help you fight for them. The individual who bought your home must issue a 3 day written notice to you, and you can then go through a formal eviction process. It is against the law for a landlord to evict tenants on their own, without going through the court process and obtaining a court order instructing them to move out.

Let Stop Eviction Consultants help you through this complex process, to ensure you get the maximum time you need to prepare for the move to a new house. If you live in San Bernardino County and are struggling with eviction, call us today and we can help you fight for your rights!

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